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E&M Supply Group carries a large inventory of new drill pipe. Our new drill pipe is only purchased from the top A.P.I. certified manufacturers, so you’ll know you’re buying quality drill pipe. E&M offers competitive pricing on new drill pipe, so be sure to contact us.

There are several A.P.I. drill pipe manufacturers in the U.S. Two of these companies, Grant Prideco and Vam Omsco, are very large publicly held corporations. The main business model of these two manufacturers is to supply other large, publicly held drilling contractors and rental companies. In addition to the “big two” there are also several independent drill pipe manufacturers throughout the USA. The independent manufacturers usually have more favorable pricing and delivery than their larger counterparts. E&M Supply Group proudly represents all USA drill pipe manufacturers and their products. We make every effort to keep our new pipe inventory filled with those items our customers need. This eliminates long delivery times and long term financial commitments for our customers.

During the oil industry boom of the mid 2000’s, US based manufacturers were unable to keep up with the rising demand for drill pipe. This gave way to a new acceptance of foreign made drill pipe, primarily from China. As a result the number of drill pipe manufacturers in China has grown exponentially since then. E&M represents only those select few manufacturers that have the longest track record and exhibit the most strict adherence to quality control. We have visited China, audited the plants, bought and sold the drill pipe, and have created a very short list of China based manufacturers that we will buy from. All of whom will meet or exceed the quality of any of their US based counterparts. In some cases they even have offices here in the US.

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